KylieLocana's Character Profiles

moon whispers




hayley moonwhisper

Full Name: Hayley Lucille Moonwhisper

Age: 22

Species: Sorceress

Occupation: Sorcerer Princess (second heir)

About: Hayley gew up in the human world - like several generations of Moonwhispers before her. The Moonwhisper family fled the magical world when they were under threat from the Demon King (who has since passed). When Seth discovered her and she was brought back to the magical realm Hayley's powers began to awaken at an accelerated rate. She excels in healing and locating.

Quote: "You two are gross."

Nate moonwhisper

Full Name: Nathan Samuel Moonwhisper

Age: 25

Species: Sorcerer

Occupation: Sorcerer King

About: Nate knew that he was magical as soon as he turned sixteen - when his powers matured. he thought he was the only on in the family because he didn't want any of them to know he was a freak. He was studying in Seattle but agreed to come back to the magical world and take his place on the Sorcerer Throne.

Quote: "It's can breathe now. Breathe! Breathe! Ow!"

paula moonwhisper

Full Name: Paula Charlotte Moonwhisper


Species: Sorceress

Occupation: Sorceress Princess (third heir)

About: Paula is a dancer and is free to marry whomever she wishes. Being the third heir to the throne she will only rule if something happens to Hayley and Nate. Her powers haven't arrived yet, but she is able to lend energy to those who need it.

Quote: "Sure, sure. I don't believe you. I mean I do!"

seth perry

Full Name: Seth Alexander Perry

Age: 710

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Vampire King

About: Seth is a very angry type of vampire. He doesn't trust anyone easily and doesn't even trust his own guards fully. Seth has been described as a wound-up-toy, constantly fuming. Seth lost his parents when he was young and has been raised by his uncle Jonathan. he has strange feelings for Hayley but is too afraid to look too deep into them.

Quote: "You didn't mention this earlier?!"

adrian knight

Full Name: Adrian Michael Knight

Age: 710

Species: Vampire


About: Adrian is a very trustworthy and peaceful vampire. he is almost like the opposite to Seth even though they are best friends. Both were born at the same time in the vampire Palace and therefore they share a very strong bond.

Quote: "No Hayley, I don't believe I want to be friends."

Bridget forester

Full Name: Bridget Anna Forester

Age: 23

Species: Vampire

Occupation: None

About: Bridget and Hayley have been best friends since they we little. While Hayley is a little crazy, Bridget is down to earth and a very happy, positive person. She loves to go to the beach to hang out with her friends and party like there;s no tomorrow. Bridget is secretly in love with Nate, but has never let anyone (not even her diary) know this.

Quote: "Whoa! What do you think you're doing!?"

macy macgregor

Full Name: Macy Hannah Macgregor

Age: 22

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Artist

About: Macy is a little emotional sometimes and can irratate anybody. She is an exellent painter and is hoping to get into an art school via scholarship since her family can't afford to pay for the tution fees. Macy was Nate's friend first, but they slipped away when Macy became friends with Hayley.

Quote: "That's not the right way!"

mathew perry

Full Name: Mathew Jonathan Perry

Age: 678

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Vampire Prince (indirect line)

About: Mathew has tormented his cousin Seth ever since he was old enough to understand Seth was going to get the throne. Mathew's father (Jonathan) does nothing to help this situation by ignoring his own son and focusing on his nephew instead.

Quote: "I'll look after you."

william russo

Full Name: William Jackson Russo

Age: 451

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Seth's Guard

About: William is very powerful and despite his calm and emotionless exterior can be very fierce when called for. He became Seth's guard when he killed a would be assasian twenty years ago. Not much is known about his family but it is said they were extreamly abusive towards him.

Quote: "No. I started it, I'll finish it."

zane va lile

Full Name: Zane Aaron va Lile


Species: Vampire

Occupation: Seth's Guard

About: Zane's grew up with a large family but lost them all to rouge sorcerers. He managed to escape and fled to the only place her could think of - the Vampire Palace. There he was kept safe until the rouges were caught and brought to justice (death). Since then he has remained Seth's guard and constanly searches for any lost va Lile family members to no avail. Though Hayley had nothing to do with it, he hates her like he hates all sorcerers for they stole eveything from him.

Quote: "Right, how am I meant to read this? I can't even understand it!"


Full Name: Stacey Charlotte Marie va Lile

Age: 558

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Tutor to Princess Paula

About: Stacey fled to the mortal world to escape the ones who murdered her family. Not knowing that they were dead she remained there, living in Dallas. Upon Being contacted by her brother Zane she returned to the magical world and took up teaching Paula Moonwhisper.

Quote: "You ready for this?!"