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i'm turning into a werewolf?!

Not much happens in the town of Wyther. It's so boring, it's not even on the map anymore! But this sleepy, cozy town is home to a girl called Jenna - whose been bitten by a werewolf. When she learns that she is introduced to the local wolf pack consisting of 3 brothers - Zack, Noah and Asher.
So now Jenna has to make a decision. Which brother to choose as her mate...because if she keeps delaying it they could kill each other for her affections! 

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Jenna summers

Full Name: Jenna Lena Summers

Age: 20

Species: New werewolf

Occupation: Salesgirl at Deena's Witch-Craft Store

Partner: None

About: Jenna was a nerd in high school while her older sister (Heather) was head cheerleader. After losing their parents to a car crash at the age of sixteen the girls remained in the house they grew up in and were raised by their older cousin Jackson. Jackson left when Jenna was nineteen.
Jenna is often at the mercy of her older sister and David (Heather's boyfriend) and longs to move out but is too afraid too.
NOTE: Jenna doesn't have piercings

Quote: "There's no such thing as werewolves!"

heather summers

Full Name: Heather Anna Summers

Age: 22

Species: Human

Occupation: Unemployed

Partner: David Malloy

About: Heather is completely stuck up and snobbish. She thinks she living the dream with her money, her flash house and her hot boyfriend (David). The only downside to her 'perfect' life is her nerd of a sister, whom shes had to put up with all her life. Heather is very vain and shallow and loves to annoy Jenna at every oppotunity - including locking her out of the house if she's out late.

Quote: "I don't care what you say! I want it! Now Give it!"

David Malloy

Full Name: David Robert Malloy

Age: 22

Species: Human

Occupation: Unemployed rich kid

Partner: Heather Summers

About: David is only dating Heather because he likes Jenna. Though he torments her and treats her like shit, he wanted to get in her pants so he can brag to his buddies who laid a bet he couldn't do it. He has found over the years that Jenna is actually quite attractive.

Quote: "Thanks Jeeves!"

deena winters

Full Name: Deena Sura Winters

Age: 27

Species: Full-Blooded Witch

Occupation: Owner and manager of Deena's Witch-Craft Store

Partner: None

About: Deena grew up in an adopted family. When her powers activated during puberty -killing her less than nice adoptive parents- the local witches took her in and taught her everything they knew. Later she found her real parents who told her she'd been kidnapped from them not adopted out. Upon further investigation, it turned out her 'adoptive parents' were actually evil witches who wanted to train her in their own mould.

Quote: "I have never been more serious in my damn life! Excuse my language."

Zack fang

Full Name: Zachariah (Zack) Dylan Fang

Age: 24

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: Pack Leader of the Wyther area, motorcycle mechanic

Partner: None

About: Zack is the oldest of all Fang children to be born. His two younger brothers (Noah and Asher) are the only two members in his pack - currently. Zack has an extreme temper that has got him into trouble many times but his family have always come through to help him out. he lives with his aunt Megan.

Quote: "Well, single, oblivious...and female."


Noah fang

Full Name: Noah Franklin Fang

Age: 21

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: Computer Genius

Partner: None

About: Noah is second in command of the pack (or Asher). If Zack is unable to lead then the duty falls to him. Noah and Asher are closer to each other than they are to Zack (since Zack is hardly ever around) and because of that Noah is over-protective of his younger brother. He lives with his brothers and their aunt Megan.

Quote: "How should I know? I only put it down!"

asher fang

Full Name: Asher Miles Fang

Age: 20

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: None - studying

Partner: None

About: Asher doesn't like the fact he's an immortal wolf - albeit he is a skilled one. His tracking senses are much more poerful than any wolf in America- even though he is so young. Although Asher does love to run around in his wolf form, he wishes he were mortal so he can grow old and die like 'normal' people. He and his aunt Megan have been searching for a way.

Quote: "I wanna rematch!"

megan black

Full Name: Megan Margot Black (married into)

Age: 30

Species: Witch

Occupation: Healer

Partner: Alan Black (deceased)

About: Megan fell in love with a werewolf but couldn't bring herself to become one and end up losing her magic. When her wolf mate (Alan) was killed, her children moved to Califronia and her nephews moved in with her. She is gentle, warm and accpeting of many things.

Quote: "He's going to break his neck on that thing one day."

Sarai diaz  ((quizilla reader!!))

Name: Sarai Diaz
Represented By: XyouanimalX 

Age: 21

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: Mechanic, Electric Guitar player/drummer

Partner: None

About: Sarai grew up as an only child with two loving parents who don't seem to care that she is a bit of a wild child. She doesn't have many girl friends but makes friends with boys instead. Though not really interested in makeup and girly things, Sarai can fix almost any classic car. She met Jenna at a car show when she was 12 and has maintain contact (mostly).

Quote: "Crazy? I'm not crazy! You're just boring!"

nevaeh redmoon  ((Quizilla reader!!))

Full Name: Nevaeh Dawn Redmoon
Represented By: Midnight84118

Age: 20

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: Part time artist/Full time Mechanic

Partner: None

About: Nevaeh grew up with three older brothers, raised by her mother after the death of her father. While her mother worked, her older brothers babysat her, making her a bit of a tomboy. Not really interested in makeup (except for eyeliner) Nevaeh makes friends with guys more than girls. She is usually calm and can fight when it comes to it. She is perceptive, loyal and persistent but sometimes can be a bit headstrong.

Quote: "You crying?"

tala moonspirit  ((quizilla reader!!))

Full Name: Tala Lilly Moonspirit
Represented By: Midnight84118

Age: Species: Werewolf

Occupation: Park Ranger of Eden

Partner: None

About:Upon losing her parents at the young age of 5 Tala lived with a close family friend who was a park ranger. Tala has grown up with mainly animals for company and is not orginally from California. She was born and raised in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park where she especially bonded with the wolves. Because of this upraising she is an amazing tracker, very calm and caring about others. She would lay her life on the line for anyone. Tala doesn't make many friends but her two best friends are Jenna and Nevaeh from the one year she spent in Wyther Junior High. Tala's special gift allows her to be connected to her friends on a deep physic level.

Quote: "That doesn't matter now! Zack matters! Denzil matters! Petro matters! Jenna matters!"

juniper spirit  ((Quizilla reader!!))

Full Name: Juniper Spirit
Represented By: Ru15lerOFtHemUFFeNz

Age: 17

Species: Unrealized Witch

Occupation: Hippie

Partner: None

About: Juniper ran away from home at the young age of 14. She is very laid back (though some may call her lazy) but she knows how to make people laugh. Ever since she was 14 the young hippie girl has been alone. She has no idea about her witch heritage, since she ran away from home before her powers will activate at 18.

Quote: "I don't know why, who ever knows why?"

corrine wood  ((quizilla reader!!))

Full Name: Corrine Wood (Bub)
Represented By: VampireEmpire

Age: 20

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: None

Partner: None

About: Corrine's parent died in a car accident when she was 17 and since then she lived with her aunt. She has just moved to Wyther with her non-identical twin brother Corbin. She is very pleasant but is quite reserved most of the time - until her temper flares. She prefers to be known as Bub.

Quote: "Is that it? IS THAT IT!? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!

corbin wood

Full Name: Corbin Wood

Age: 20

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: Mechanic

Partner: None (died)

About: Corbin ran away from home at the age of nineteen, just before his parents died. The reason he ran away was because of his love for a vampire girl whom his parents dissaproved of. She was killed not long after his parents but a frantic wolf. Corbin killed the wolf in retaliation and has now moved to Wyther with his twin sister (Corrine) in hopes of starting again.

Quote: "Trouble? I like trouble. What's up?"

cilla black

Full Name: Cilla Rebecca Black (married into)

Age: 22

Species: Witch/Werewolf

Occupation: Wife of the Pack Leader of California (Ringo)

Partner: Ringo Black

About: Cilla was born a very powerful witch and had to face a difficult decision when she had to choose between her lover (Ringo) and her magic. Eventally she chose Ringo but was able to keep her magic because she was bitten during a blue moon. Because of her great sacrifice she was able to keep her powers.

Quote: "Is that so...NOT!"

Shauna matthews

Full Name: Shauna Diana Matthews

Age: 20

Species: Human

Occupation: None, due to rich parents

Partner: None

About: Shauna is friends with some of the local pack of where she lives (Hollywood). She went to school with the werewolf known as Aaron Black and accidently saw him transform one night. Instead of removing the memory, Ringo agreed that Shauna could know their secret. But she has to join the pack one day or end her friendship with Aaron forever and risk losing any and all memory of him.

Quote: "What the hell?! Why do I have to do it? Is it because I'm a girl!? Is it because I'm human!? Speak, mutt!"

ringo Black

Full Name: Ringo Donovan Black

Age: 23

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: Pack Leader for the Hollywood area, male model

Partner: Cilla Black

About: Ringo is a very powerful but calm wolf - the main reason he inherited Pack Leadership from his grandfather. He is the oldest Black male but is still younger than his cousin (Zack Fang). His leadership is strong and unwavering so although he looks so young, many older wolves will follow him to the death.

Quote: "Quote me on this."

Anton black

Full Name: Anton Kieran Rico Black

Age: 22

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: Second in Command of Hollywood Pack

Partner: None

About: Anton is the hot-headed and confident second in command in equal with his brother Aaron. For where Anton can make rash decisions, Aaron tends to think about things first. Though Anton is brash and -sometimes- cruel, his loyalty to his pack, his family and his friends is beyonf question. Even if such loyalty prvents him from seeing lies within his loved ones.

 Quote: "I don't care, just hand it over!"

aaron black

Full Name: Aaron Sirius Diego Black

Age: 22

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: Second in Command of Hollywood Pack, motorbike mechanic

Partner: None

About: Though not identical in any way his his twin brother (Anton), Aaron shares a strong bond with his brother that allows them to communicate oon a telepathic level in human form. He has been best friends with Shauna Matthews since high school and trusts her with his secret. So far, Shauna has never spoken a word to anyone and had proved time and time again to be an invaluable friend to Aaron.

Quote: "To be, or not to be, that is the question. We ask ourselves this question every day, though not quite like that."

toby hart

Full Name: Tobias David Hart

Age: 21

Species: Heightened Werewolf

Occupation: Sage of the Hollywood Pack

Partner: Jenny Khan

About: Toby is an extreamly quitet and sesitive guy. He is the third in command of the Hollywood wolf pack. He has strange powers (since his mother was a full-blooded witch) and can change without the moon without suffering. Toby is more in touch with his wolf spirit than is normal or exprienced and his keen senses border on physic.

Quote: "" 

jenny khan

Full Name: Jennifier Alisona Khan

Age: 21

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: Aspiring Designer

Partner: Toby Hart

About: Jenny found out about her wolf self after she started dating Toby Hart, when she changed for the first time during a full moon. She was friends with Shauna and Aaron in high school and was delighted when Shauna found out about the 'wolf thing' and shares everything with her. Jenny is the only one who can sense when another wolf is being made and therefore makes her a valuable member of the pack.

Quote: "Oh my god! She didn't!"

Allie jory

Full Name: Alison Jetra Jory

Age: 18

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: None

Partner: None

About: Allie is what is known as a 'Hibernating Wolf.' For although she is a werewolf, she will only change when her true mate comes along and bites her. Until then she lives with Ringo and Cilla in their home, stregthening her fighting skill though Karate and Boxing.

Quote: "DON'T! I don't want to know!"

halley lambert

Full Name: Halley Rebecca Lambert

Age: 22

Species: Human

Occupation: Helps out in her parents pharmacy

Partner: None

About: Halley is the only child of Ronald and Rebecca Halley. Her father is the town's doctor and her mother owns the pharmacy. Halley is a very pleasant girl to know and was one of Jenna's few friends in high school.

Quote: "Don't be silly Noah!"

denzil marshal

Full Name: Denzil Marshal

Age: 26

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: None

Partner: None

About: Denzil and his brother come from a small town in south France where they grew up under the harsh rule of the pack leader there. Denzil led and escape attempt which got three other pack members killed but ensured his and his brother's escape from France. Though Denzil dominates his younger brother (Petro) he will do anything to protect him.

Quote: "So you're the unattached one my brother mentioned."

petro marshal

Full Name: Petro Marshal

Age: 24

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: None

Partner: None

About: Petro suffered a lot at the hands of his father and his pack leader. As a result, he has become extreamely ferocious and an exellent fighter. He never lets anyone in to help him and had not had a woman since he left the one he loved behind in France. Though he and Denzil grew up there they are not French.

Quote: "I don't give a fuck just let me go!" 


californian pack

enrique silvestri

Full Name: Enrique Raphael Silvestri

Age: 25

Species: Alpha Werewolf

Occupation: Alpha of California

Partner: None

About: Enrique is the oldest born werewolf in Califronia and is the Alpha of the state (like the wolf ruler). He was born more then six hundred years ago but has not continued his bloodline as of yet. The name Silvestri means wild and his family have lived up to their name through the years. Although he is calm and calculating on the outside, when angered no one remains standing.

Quote: "You don't realize who you are, that is amusing."

marco marcelli

Full Name: Marco Daniel Marcelli

Age: 25

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: Beta of California

Partner: None

About: At almost five hundred years old, Marco is the second oldest born werewolf in California and decends from a long line of pure wolves. Though some may say he is hot headed, Marco hardly ever acts his true nature - preferring to confuse potential enemies.

Quote: "You are not the sole reason."

diego diaz

Full Name: Diego Rico Gianni Diaz

Age: 24

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: Shaman Wolf of California

About: Diego is Sarai's cousin who took his mother's name instead of his father's. Descended form a long line a powerful Sage Wolves, Diego has ten times the power that his ansestors did. For this his father trained him to the point of depression. In his desire to get away, he crippled his father and ran straight into Enrique and Marco who were nearby at the time. Since then he has never left the San Diego mansion to live anywhere else.

Quote: "Taking breath, such a crime. But it's one that feels good."

abrielle silvestri

Name: Abrielle Antonia Silvestri

Age: 23

Species: Werewolf

Occupation: None

Partner: None

About: Abrielle (aka Abri) is the only living reletive of Enrique and he protects her to the ground. Born and not made, Abri is a lively girl and usually is seen around San Diego shopping with her numours friends, wolf, vampire and human. She doesn't drink or do drugs and refuses to accociate with those that do.

Quote: "Oh no. It's my older brother. I am so NOT worried."