KylieLocana's Character Profiles

pregnant to a vampire rock star...shit!



Rose gomez

Full Name: Rosalind Anita Gomez

Age: 22

Species: Human

Occupation: Waitress

About: Rose grew up with a large family but that was destroyed in an instant when the car they were traveling in hit an oncoming truck killing her mother, grandmother, aunt and twin brother. She was thrown from the car upon impact and survived until paramedics arrived to place her on life support. Rose grew up with her father and is best friends with Rosalie. Like Rosalie, Rose wants to be either a singer or actress.

Quote: "Yes. We have jobs to get to. Which we will lose if we don't get there!"

Rosalie martin

Full Name: Rosalie Annabelle Martin

Age: 22

Species: Witch

Occupation: Waitress

About: Rosalie lives with a typical suburban family and hates it. She's been friends with Rose since they were three. She longs to leave so she can be her own witchy self. Rose has no idea that Rosalie is a witch. Rosalie wants to be a singer or actress.

Quote: "Rose! I;m sorry you guys, she's never like this."

rave knight

Full Name: Rave Knight

Age: 457

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Lead singer of Corpse Python

About: Rave was the youngest of his family and because of that he had to do all the chores. He waited on his family ever since he could walk until he ran away at the age of nine. He met up with Ren and the two of them grew up together before starting a band.

Quote: "You sound disappointed. That hurts."


Full Name: Anthony Bridges

Age: 257

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Bass Player/Backing Vocals for Corpse Python

About: Curse is never one to open up to someone and because of this his relationships never last very long. He is the second oldest of his family and therefore has been given permission to move away from the family home.

Quote: "What? I didn't take that much."


Full Name: Renold Banks

Age: 457

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Lead Guitarist/Backing Vocals of Corpse Python

About: Ren ran away from home when he was nine like Rave but his family situation was vastly different. Ren comes from a huge family where there is no time for anyone but the head of the family - Ren's father. Ren was the oldest and a sure in for the head of the family when he became of age. He was branded with the mark (which is on his back) when he was eight. Ren only lasted one year of torment and 'training' before he ran away. He met up with Rave in a forest and the two boys became instant friends.

Quote: "Normally Yes, but we felt like a change."


Full Name: James Banks

Age: 158

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Drummer for Corpse Python

About: Suicide was the forth oldest (of six) in the Banks family decended from Kieran Banks. When his older brother (Ren) ran away from home, his father told Suicide to go and find him and bring him back home. Upon finding said brother Suicide decided not to force his sibling home but stay with him and live a life outside the packed confines of the Bank Palace. When Ren and Rave started a band, he agreed to join.

Quote: "Yeah right!. If she gets a blood test they'll most likely find blood in her alcohol system!"

derrick knight

Full Name: Derrick Knight

Age: 568

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Hunter

About: Derrick is the sadistic older brother of Rave who has been sent to bring him home. Derrick is a very cold and cruel person which makes him a professional at his job which is a Hunter. As a Hunter he earns money for his family but since Rave's escape he has had to take over Rave's duties as the family's butler. Determined to free himself of these 'duties' he has been allowed to go and find Rave.

Quote: "Im coming. I wouldn't miss a chance to meet my new nephew."

aiko and akemi kimono

Full Names: Aiko Akemi Kimono (left)
                       Akemi Aiko Kimono (right)

Age: 20

Species: Human

Occupation: None

About: The Kimono twins are the children of the restaurant owners where Rose and Rosalie waitress. They are Wiccan (much to the annoyance of their parents) and recognize vampires for what they are instantly. This makes them a bit of a target for vampires, who dislike being recognized.

Quote: "Hello Roses."

alexander parr

Full Name: Alexander Jefferison Parr

Age: Unknown

Species: Dragon

Occupation: Guardian

About: Alexander (not Alex) is so ancient that no one remembers what he is unless he's told them. When Rose's life is threatened he see it as his duty to protect her though is unsure why.

Quote: "You...are...that's impossible!"