KylieLocana's Character Profiles

destined for a wolf prince

Androla Greves grew up in a normal family. She's a human living in the supernatural realm with werewolves (which is unusual). But shortly after her twenty-second birthday, she's taken to the Wolf Palace, home of Prince Damian the last of the royal line. There, she realizes she been kept in the wolf realm for a reason - she has to be the prince's mate! As in marriage, as in...being a werewolf!

Prince Damian Demolis -the only heir to the wolf throne- has been promised a beautiful human girl ever since he was sixteen. For eight years he's anticipated meeting this girl, this 'Androla'. But when he comes face to face with his bride he discovers she is less than thrilled. In fact she seems to positively loathe him! 

Damian and Androla have two weeks before their wedding day - and the night that Damian must turn Androla into a wolf. But with her not interested in the slightest, Damian eventually grows cold and the two separate. But as their inevitable wedding day gets closer, Damian and Androla are pushed together in the ancient battle between vampires and werewolves.Now they must rely on eachother to get out and make their wedding day.

If they survive that long!


Name: Damian Klaus Demolis
Name Meaning: To Tame, Subdue

Age: 24

Species: Werewolf

Title: Prince of Werewolves (last heir)

About: Damian is the only child of King Klaus and Queen Amanra (who died when he was eight). As the only heir to the throne, he must take a human for his mate so their bond is stronger. He was promised a human girl when he was sixteen but he has never seen what Androla looks like, so he is impatient to meet her.

Fact: Damian is actually terrified of heights.


Name: Androla Herva Greaves
Name Meaning: Pure Love

Age: 22

Species: Human

Title: Lady

About: Androla was abandoned by her birth parents in the human world, only to be found by Herva Greaves and adopted into the wolf family. Androla (or Andie to her friends) was promised to Damian ever since she was fourteen. However, she has never known she was promised to the prince and therefore has a rather frosty approach to the idea.

Fact: Androla secretly prefers her full name to Andie.


Name: Oliver David Harrow
Name Meaning: Elf Army

Age: 24

Species: Werewolf

Title: No offical title besides being the prince's best friend

About: Although he is extreamely popular with the ladies, Oliver is far from a playboy. He takes all his relationships very seriously and will not hesitate to dump someone who cheats on him. Oliver has known Damian all his life and has proved to be a pillar of support for his friends.

Fact: Oliver despises olives. He feels he was named after them and it annoys him to hell.


Name: Kyle Jefferic Greaves
Name Meaning: Narrow

Age: 25

Species: Werewolf

Title: Lord

About: Kyle is the oldest of the three Greaves siblings and travels the world to make contacts (or friends) all over the magical and human realm. Kyle is also friends with Oliver Harrow whose life he saved from vampires. Ever since her was 23, Kyle has struggled with his sexuality-prefrences and is bisexual.

Fact: Kyle (though bisexual) actually prefers woman to men.


Name: Lillivodra Cassa Greaves
Name Meaning: Pure White

Age: 20

Species: Werewolf

Title: Lady

About: Though not yet of age (22), Lilly believes she has found her future lover already. Mason is only a year older than her and feels the same. All they have to do is wait until Lilly is 22, then they can date. Until then, Lilly and Mason share a good, strong friendship that has been tested many times but never failed.

Fact: Lilly is jealous of Androla's hair.


Name: Jason William Harrow
Name Meaning: Healer

Age: 22

Species: Werewolf

Title: None

About: Jason is the younger (and more obnoxious) brother of Oliver. He is frequently seen flirting with almost any girl and soon sets his sights on Androla as well. Much to the fury of Damian, the embarrasment of Oliver and the horror of Androla.

Fact: Jason fears he'll get hurt by commitment so he just messes around.


Name: Corey Withers
Name Meaning: Hollow

Age: 25

Species: Vampire (born)

Title: None

About: Abandoned at the age of seven, Corey grew up in the Eastern Caves. He is a born vampire (which is rare) so he had many natural stregnths.

Quote: "Fair enough."


Name: Andrew Marcel Demolis
Name Meaning: Manly

Age: 26

Species: Werewolf

Title: Crown Prince of Werewolves

About: Andrew was the orginal heir to the wolf throne, but was kidnapped and is believed dead. Damian was nine months when the two year old Andrew was taken and has no idea he has an older brother. Andrew was moved around alot but has been in the Eastern Mountians for the past two years.

Quote: "I'll wear your fang for an earring!"


Name: Mary Diana Bells
Name Meaning: Sea of Bitterness

Age: 124

Species: Vampire (made)

Title: Lady

About: Mary is out to get rid of wolves altogether. She wants nothing more than to ignite a war between her kind and the wolves. She believes that vampires would win in a full-blown war between the species. She was once Andrew's girlfriend and has a special powet that can enchant others into doing her bidding.

Quote: "Don't do this baby."

Lita  ((quzilla reader!!)) 

:Full Name: Lita Wither
Name Meaning: Manly
Represented By: JenaMarie

Age: 22

Species: Vampire

Title: None

About: Lita is Corey's little sister who is marrying the prince of vampires (Claude). However, she is making it as hard as possible for the poor vampire and has run away. Though she is willing to marry Claude, she is very playful and is twisting him in knots and circles.

Fact: Lita is actually deeply in love with Claude.



Name: Randall
Name Meaning: Shield Wolf

Age: 27

Species: Werewolf

Title: Lord

About: Not much is known about Randall except he used to be the wolf king's advisor until he left suddenly of his own accord. He is said to be slightly insane and is very mysterious. He has no friends or family (by choice) and doesn't socialize with many people.

Fact: Randall was the one who kidnapped the young Andrew


Name: Claude ((yes I know that's Joe Jonas in the picture! But it's ideal))
Name Meaning: Lame (though he's not)

Species: Vampire

Title: Prince (first heir)

About: Claude is the easy going vampire prince. His two younger brothers were killed by humans leaving him an only child living with his over-protective mother, his father having died defending his brothers.Claude has nothing against wolves and wants nothing more than peace between his species and theirs. He is marrying Lita Wither but is constantly have his patience tested by her craziness.

Fact: Claude despises his father for leaving him with his mother who is very overbearing.